Virtually Apocaliptic

The apocalypse is coming!  Well, it’s virtually coming, anyway.

This week I have the privilege of beginning to teach the Book of Revelation in a virtual class.  This poses at least two challenges for me.

One, it’s the Book of Revelation, OK?!!!  It’s not exactly your average Old Testament story, simple parable by Jesus or one of Paul’s situational epistles which I have the pleasure of unraveling.

Two, I will be teaching my second virtual class which has its own challenges of keeping students engaged and on target, designing homework and virtual tasks that fit the teaching platform and otherwise trying to overcome the “distance” created by not physically being in the same space with my students.

In terms of virtual classes, the Biblical Seminary of Colombia is currently developing on-line courses for their entire theology curriculum.   In a few short years, any Spanish speaker in Latin America or the world will be able to take advantage of this premier theological educational institution and its programs without having to relocate to Medellin.

This is huge for the future of our institution and for the future of theological education in Latin America.

GK preach at chapel











Don Sendek praying with Gustavo prior to Gustavo preaching the sermon at the college’s weekly chapel services.

By Gustavo Karakey

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