An Unexpected Visit

Last month we had the privilege of hosting Joshua Gonzalez in Medellín for an individual, one-week short-term missions trip.  A little backstory is in order.

During my last visit to Boston, I shared our ministry with several small groups from my home church, Park Street Church.  At the end, as I typically do, I announced that we are always happy to receive visitors from Park Street for anyone who wants to make a trip down, like as a small group project.

Well, lo and behold, someone approached me right after the end of the meeting.  He said he had some time off between jobs and wondered if he might come down and help out in some capacity.  That gentleman was Joshua Gonzalez.  Wow!  Talk about taking me up on my offer.

Joshua Gonzalez

We were delighted to host Joshua during his time in Medellín.  He was a great help in our ESL program we have for our students (who need to learn a certain level of English to graduate).  In addition, the ESL program is also used as an outreach for our neighborhood kids.

Joshua Gonzalez 2

Joshua was also instrumental in a very secret project that Rochelle is working on.  As you know, she has been praying for a while on what specific role she might have here in Medellín.  Joshua was very helpful in creating financial spreadsheets for the secret project.    In addition, he canvassed the neighborhood taking a survey and conducting a feasibility study.  Thanks, Joshua!  You were a huge help!

We look forward to sharing this project with you in the coming months if indeed it is approved by the proper authorities here at the seminary.  Please do pray for that process as much work must be done on the final proposal.

We are thankful to Joshua for his willingness to serve and his spirit in getting out and meeting our neighbors.

By Gustavo Karakey

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