Musical Instruments Donations Needed

The City of Medellin runs a free conservatory-like music program in 26 different locations throughout the city, mostly in the poorest barrios.  This program has proven to be a successful effort to get children off the street, away from crime and into a program that emphasizes hope, knowledge and excellence.  Each week children take classes in theory, sing in a choir, take individual instrument lessons and participate in a small orchestra.

It’s excellent in every respect and it is free!  What a huge blessing to the children of Medellin.  In fact, it is the largest program of its kind in all of Colombia.  Read on for more information on the Music School program:  An Oboe for a Gun.

The Karakey children have been participating in it since February, 2013.  They have learned a great deal, met some wonderful kids and now feel even more a part of the community.  Caroline is learning the flute thanks to a wonderful donation a couple of years ago and Natalie is learning the clarinet (Rochelle’s clarinet from childhood!).  Emilio is learning quickly on the alto saxophone that was donated by a PSC member last year and he loves it!

We are so thankful for the few instruments that were donated last year.  We would very much like to bless the school with additional donations of musical instruments.  Please spread the word and contact me with any possible donation leads.  Thanks!

Music School Needs:

  1. Flutes
  2. Sax Soprano
  3. Trumpet Bflat
  4. Bass Clarinet
  5. Bariton Sax
  6. Piccolo Flute
  7. French Horn

Let’s all work together to bless this very deserving but low-income community where we live!


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  1. Rochelle, Charles and I are very interested in helping out with this goal. We are investigating some possibilities and will contact you as soon as we have some information to share.

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