Beginning the New Year with Prayer


I love the start of a new year!  Great expectations, new goals…even dreaming is allowed (remember how easy that was as a child?)

Here at the Biblical Seminary of Colombia (BSC) the new year is actually the beginning of a new academic year (our calendar runs from Feb 1 – Nov 15).  We get to welcome new students, to begin our classes in earnest and to commend our work and our expectations to God once again.

Starting the Year With Prayer

At the BSC, a new year also brings staff, administration and professors  together for a time of prayer.  We typically meet for an entire morning, alternating between worship, study and bringing the needs of the seminary before the Lord.

We pray for incoming students, for finances, for all the professors and for each of the departments all of which contribute to making the BSC one of the most important theological institutions in South America.

Our Own Prayer Requests

In the same spirit of commendation and great expectations, we want to share our personal needs with you, so that you can join us in praying in the New Year!

  1. We pray for our children who are beginning a new school year in a Colombian / Spanish-only educational institution.  We opted for this route to aid in their adaptation to the language and culture in Colombia.
  2. We pray for Gustavo’s class preparations and the start of his teaching schedule. What a great privilege to teach so many gifted students in such a setting as the BSC.
  3. We pray for additional monthly supporters as we have only reached 88% of our budgeted goals to this point.  Our missions agency, LAM, accepts monthly donations of any amount on our behalf.
  4. Muchas gracias to everyone who has responded to our request for funds for a car.  We really appreciate it.  Thus far, we have raised 25% of the needed funds.  If you would like to help us with the purchase of a car, you can donate funds through our missions agency.
  5. We pray for all of the students at the BSC who make so many sacrifices to attend, but whose passion and love for God is slowly changing the face of this country, both inside and outside the church.
  6. Please pray for Rochelle as she transitions out of home-schooling mode, begins to take more Spanish lessons, and looks to become involved in ministry either with the BSC or our local church.

We thank you all for partnering with us in prayer for the BSC, our ministry, our family and the people of Colombia.

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