Leadership Course: The “Why” of Our Ministry in Colombia


Well, my first class at the Biblical Seminary of Colombia is quickly approaching. Classes are slated to begin January 31, 2012, and I will be teaching “Leadership Formation.”

In one sense, the class represents a bit of a scheduling irony.

The Sustained Focus on Leadership Development

For practically ten years now, ever since I completed my second year of seminary at Gordon-Conwell, I have experienced first hand the great need for the training of church leaders in a Latin American context.

Since that time I have had the privilege of teaching the Bible in Costa Rica, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic and Colombia and have met students from virtually every country from Mexico to Argentina.  The message from my students remains consistent: “Our greatest need as a church, is leadership development.”

The Great Need

Great revivals, while glorious, must always be followed by a strengthening of disciples, by the maturing of leaders and churches, and by the teaching of sound biblical principles and doctrine.

Since the great revivals of the 60s throughout Latin America, few of these things have occurred with any great consistency or effect.  The result is an expanding church and growing church, which has experienced weak discipleship, a lack of trained leadership and the proliferation of anti-biblical and in some cases heretical church practices.

And so I found it somewhat ironic that the first class to inaugurate our ministry of leadership development here in Colombia would be a class entitled “Leadership Formation.”

The Great Reward

One of the most rewarding aspects of this type of ministry is the fact that we get to work with women and men who are not only passionate about the Lord and his work, but also, who have the potential to initiate the changes that are so desperately needed.

Think about that for a moment!

Often, we can feel powerless against great forces that produce so many negative consequences for society, for God’s people, for the church and for her leaders.

And yet, our students receive some of the best theological training anywhere in South America.  Even just one graduate from the Biblical Seminary of Colombia who steps into a leadership role can make an incredible difference.  Multiply that by the tens and you have the makings of a very powerful movement.

This is inspiring!


We consider it a great privilege to be serving at the Biblical Seminary of Colombia at such a historic time.

Teaching a class entitled “Leadership Formation” encapsulates so much of what is exciting and inspiring about this ministry.

To God be the glory!


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