Life at the Biblical Seminary of Colombia


This video was produced by Emilio, Caroline and Natalie.

It is a snapshot (images, sounds and words) of their time here at the Biblical Seminary of Colombia, in Medellin, from their perspective.




7 thoughts on “Life at the Biblical Seminary of Colombia

  1. Wow, great video!! For your next one, I’d like to see some video of your school, your classes and the park-like grounds. Oh, and you had too much of your dad on this one. Please tell him that his part was the only boring section. Thanks!

    • All comments must be approved by the moderator (which is “the dad” you referenced in your comment). We’ll let this one slide since his son really thought it was funny!

  2. Great video, Emilio! Are you thinking of a career as a director? 🙂 My favorite part was when the three of you talked about your life in Colombia, and when you ended by saying, “Please visit!” Hopefully you’ve had some visitors! I am jealous of the tree. I think if I had one in my backyard, I would have to act very un-adult-like and climb it.

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