Virtual, Moving, Anticipation

Going Virtual

Gustavo is teaching a virtual course this semester (the Book of Acts).  Since the virtual program’s inception last year, student enrollment has nearly doubled at the Biblical Seminary of Colombia (BSC).  While teaching virtually has its challenges, the on-line platform is extremely flexible allowing Gustavo to engage with his students through articles, forums, chats and video lectures.  Indeed, he is able to deliver the same quality content that residential students receive but with the added bonus of being within a Web 2.0 environment.

In a remarkable tale of the program’s reach, last year one of our residential students (Joel) met and married another student of Colombian / Swedish decent.  They both moved back to Sweden and Joel had to drop out of the undergraduate theology program.  Well, imagine my surprise to find out that Joel returned to his studies through our virtual program.  It has been a real pleasure to reconnect with Joel, to study the Book of Acts together and to read about how he is contextualizing its lessons within his own European church context.

Going Virtual 2.0

Upon our return to Boston, Gustavo will continue as a professor at the BSC teaching in the seminary’s three virtual programs, supervising student theses (via Skype) and making periodic trips to Medellín to teach intensive and extension courses.  While Gustavo will miss the day-to-day interaction with students, the administration and other professors, there will be no shortage of opportunities to contribute to the seminary’s growth and quality of programs as well as the development of pastors, leaders and missionaries for the Latin American church.

Moving On Up (and Out)

Our plans for a Boston relocation are proceeding smoothly.  We have already pre-sold most of our belongings (only the car, the piano and some china are left).  We will be arriving on June 8th, 2015 with a ton of suitcases where we will need to purchase furniture, a car and setup our home.


In the madness of returning to Boston, there are still two big outstanding family issues:

1) On March 10th, we will be officially notified about our children’s school acceptances.  Our girls are hoping to attend Boston Trinity Academy in Hyde Park while Emilio is hoping to attend one of the many excellent boarding schools in the New England area.  Please pray that the admission officers show favor on our children and on our family.

2) Please pray for Rochelle as she starts thinking about reentering the job market and as she explores possibilities.

Thank you for your prayers and support.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our move and Gustavo’s continued full-time commitment to the Biblical Seminary of Colombia via United World Mission.

To start contributing towards our work in Colombia, please visit our partnership page.

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