Biblical Seminary of Colombia


The evangelical church in Latin America suffers from a dearth of trained leadership, a proliferation of legalistic and often doctrinally questionable church practices, as well as the rise of some heretical church movements.  The work of the Biblical Seminary of Colombia is critically important for providing a much needed theological foundation for the growing church in Colombia and Latin America.

In addition, the church in Colombia is now sufficiently large enough to support its own missionaries, but this enthusiastic and brave core of believers still requires sound theological training for the work they will undertake in other parts of the world.


The Biblical Seminary of Colombia is a well established training institution with modern facilities and over 60 years of dedicated service.  It combines rigorous academic excellence and practical reflection within a community environment and engaging inter-denominational dialogue. Students live on campus as do many professors as well as administrators.  In addition, all students must complete a one year practicum experience after their studies in order to receive their degree.

The BCS currently offers a four-year undergraduate program in theology to prepare students for ministry or to prepare biblically-minded leaders within the society.  In addition it provides the following programs:

  1. Nationwide extension program to help prepare lay leaders for the church. It consists of 5 courses, which can be taken in any of the following disciplines:  Theology, Sunday School Teacher, Public Administration, Basic Counseling, Pastoral Formation, Restorative Justice, Old Testament and New Testament.
  2. Medellín Institute of Ministry – Citywide extension program of 24 courses to prepare leaders for the church or society in: Bible and Christian Ministry, Old Testament or New Testament.
  3. Network of Institutes – Network and resources to strengthen and help in the development of other national bible institutes and theological training schools
  4. Bellavista Prison Bible Institute – Sponsors one of the few Bible Institutes in the world that is administered within prison walls.  Boasts over 200 graduates, who share their faith in 20 other penitentiaries.  40 graduates are now full-time pastors and evangelists in the outside world.
  5. Children’s Community Library – Promotes literacy among children in under-resourced communities who have fewer cultural, educational, recreational and intellectual opportunities.
  6. Research and editorial unit to encourage the publication of academic books and journals by the university faculty.