The unfortunate dog attack

A quick update by Rochelle of yesterday’s unfortunate incident:

Gustavo was asked to give a leadership conference over the weekend and generously the whole family was invited as well.  We drove almost 3 hours south to Ciudad Bolivar out into the most beautiful countryside and stayed in a big house on a finca (a ranch of sorts with cows, houses, a goat, fishing ponds, a nearby river and a pool).

Sunday late afternoon during the break from the conference, we were all swimming in the refreshing river.  Natalie and I decided to return to the finca walking up a hill a few hundred yards long.  As we reached the top of the hill, a dog who was tied up near the caretaker’s house got loose and ran after us.  Before we knew what was going on, the dog had bit Natalie in the lower leg.  She began to cry and scream and as I turned around to see what was going on and to help, the dog attacked my leg and then turned around and attacked Natalie’s other leg.  I yelled at her to run, I tried to beat off the dog with my pants (we were both in wet bathing suits) but not before he clawed and gauged the same leg.  Finally, the owner approached and the dog was pulled away.  Sometime in the chaos, I twisted my ankle on my hurt leg.

Emilio saw the whole thing but couldn’t run up the hill fast enough.  He felt so bad that he couldn’t help.  Once the danger passed, I sent him down for his father and Caroline and then I sent him up the hill to notify the owner of the Finca.  Within minutes, Gustavo was carrying Natalie into the Finca jeep and the dog owner was helping me hobble up the hill.  It was a gruesome sight.

The town was 15 minutes away through mountainous terrain.  The hospital was right at the entry of the town and we received quick and excellent attention.  We returned to Medellin today after the conference ended and then after unpacking, grabbing a quick dinner and getting Emilio and Caroline settled, Gustavo, Natalie and I headed for the nearest hospital.

Natalie’s physical wounds are healing nicely and she only needs a follow up in a few days.  Fortunately, the Xray showed no fractures to my seriously swollen ankle so with ice and time it will heal.  My wounds are a little more serious, so I need to return tomorrow to the hospital to follow up.  The bites are not much of a concern but the four claw marks need to be watched.

The dog owner said that the dog was vaccinated but as he recently received it from a friend he had no paperwork to prove it.  An investigation was instigated and we will be notified if the dog tests for anything abnormal.

It’s a challenge living in a 2 story home at the top of the hill on campus while being ambulatory challenged.  Lots and lots of stairs.  Fortunately, a friend on campus lent me their crutches.  It’s slow and painful, but manageable.

Please pray for

  • a quick healing for both of us
  • any resultant psychological trauma, especially for the children as they were all quite upset yesterday
  • the caretaker/dog owner so that he doesn’t lose his job

Muchas gracias,

The Karakey Family

p.s.  Please pray for Emilio as well.  He woke up in the middle of the night last night sick to his stomach and vomiting several times.  Due to our ordeal earlier that afternoon, he didn’t want to wake us.  Poor guy suffered alone.  He slept all the way back in the car ride and didn’t eat all day.  We’re hoping he feels better in the morning.

p.p.s.  Gustavo feels really good about his seminar but the rest of the family has had better getaways.  🙁

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