School Year 2013 has begun

School has begun.  Emilio (9th), Caroline (8th) and Natalie (7th) are excited about their new school year.  No, really, they are!  It will prove to be challenging to accomplish all that we set out to do but we are eager to give it a try.

Academics this year include:  Math, Science, Logic, History (1800 – today), Latin II, English Composition (online Veritas Press classes), French I, Spanish Grammar, and Literature.

IMG_5453Outside of home, the kids are super involved in a city-sponsored music school.  Natalie is learning the clarinet, Caroline the flute and Emilio just began with the saxophone.  Each week they attend four hour-long classes:  theory, choir, instrument instruction and beginning band.  Let’s just say we spend a great deal of time at the music school.  Thank goodness it is a short drive away or a 15 minute walk!

For sports, Emilio has found his love for volleyball.  After a few months in two different levels of mixed-gender beginner classes, he was promoted to the all boy competitive intermediate level class.  After only two classes, he has already learned more than he did in two months last spring!  His classes are two hours long, twice a week.  Emilio and Caroline continue with weekly tennis classes and the girls continue with weekly gymnastic classes.

Finally, the kids enjoy walking with their father on Friday afternoons to a local art studio where they participate in a two hour drawing and painting classes.

We feel very fortunate to live in a city that offers so many wonderful experiences.

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