Road to a Masters Program


It is hard to believe that in a few short months, the Biblical Seminary of Colombia will be in a position to offer one of the few evangelical, accredited masters programs in theology on the Latin American continent.

After years and years of dreaming, we are now in the final stages of having our program approved by the Ministry of Education of Colombia.  And what a program it promises to be.

Program highlights

We will begin by offering a Masters of Biblical Exegesis (with a hope of expanding into other emphases) in partnership with Fuller Theological Seminary in Los Angeles.  The combination of Fuller’s world-class professors and significant on-line Bible and theology resources significantly increases the value of our program for our prospective students.

The program is mostly virtual by design in order to allow anyone on the Spanish-speaking continent to study without leaving their home.  In addition, there will be a core set of two-week intensive courses that will be taught in Medellín.  This is wonderful news for Gustavo as he can be an integral part of the masters faculty even from a distance.

Road to a PhD

The program has been specifically designed for anyone wishing to pursue advanced theological studies in an evangelical context.  Also, because the program’s focus is on languages and advanced exegesis, it is ideally suited to prepare students for eventual PhD studies (the next stage of our dreams here at the BSC).

Latin America desperately needs its own theologians, scholars, writers, professors and leaders who can provide direction and resources for the church and who can engage the broader culture with the gospel in a constructive and prophetic way.  The masters program is another step in preparing this new generation of leaders.

We ask for your prayers as we make our way through the arduous accreditation process.