PSC Youth Missions Trip (2014)


The Park Street Youth Missions trip took place in Medellín, Colombia for the third straight year.

There were 15 Boston youth along with four adult leaders on the team who came to serve for 10 days and to strengthen our ministry with the Biblical Seminary of Colombia and the community that surrounds the campus.

Do you speak English?

The PSC youth provided a one-week intensive English Camp to 150 local high school students from the Villa Flora school.  The English director reports that after English camp here students are so much more motivated to learn in their language courses.

During two evenings, the PSC Youth hosted informal get-to-know sessions with students from the English Club where both sets of youth shared more intimately about life and faith.

The official English Camp video is here and captures the incredible time of learning, sharing, forming and renewing friendships.

Other service projects

The PSC Youth group was also involved in other important service projects including:

  1. Building a concrete entryway and chicken coops for the Open Arms Foundation boys farm in a rural part of Colombia.  The Open Arms Foundation boys farm houses, educates and cares for street children from Medellín.
  2. Visit to the Fresh Wind Children’s Center for at-risk children and delivery of small supply of staples to the vulnerable families of children that are served by this center.
  3. Performance of evangelistic skits to 150 students during the ESL camp and to 450 elementary school children from the Villa Flora school.
  4. Painting work project on the Biblical Seminary of Colombia campus.
  5. Door-to-door invitation in the surrounding community to a special service at the Karakey’s church, Comunidad Cristo Rey, during the final weekend of the group’s stay.

Thank you

As a family we wish to thank Park Street Church, Adam Herndon, the PSC Youth Group leader, and the missions board at PSC for sending a team to visit us every year.  We feel very connected to our home church, our kids feel loved and appreciated as they are away from their friends and the work that PSC performs is so valuable to helping us build so many relationships to the surrounding community.

We wish to thank every member of the team as well for their dedication to service, their courage to leave their comfort zone and their love and generosity toward the people they met.

Check out the English Camp official video and the different photo albums to document this very special missions trip for the Karakeys as well as the PSC Youth group.

Presentations at the Villa Flora School

At the Open Arms Boy’s Farm in San Pedro

Weekend Debrief in Guatape