October 2016 Update

2 + 20 + 222 = Revelation Online

Wow! That was a blast!

I’m referring to the first time I have taught the Book of Revelation online, that is, in 2 degree programs, with 20 students and about 222 reading reports, assignments, forums, and term papers that I had to wade through! 🙂

I’m sorry to say I don’t have the right interpretation of Revelation for you. However, I am happy to report that we rescued the book from the crude futurology of which it is mostly subjected.

The truth is that the author of Revelation brings his imaginative polemic against the cruel, immoral, violent, destructive, and dehumanizing state with its economic, military and religious exploitation.

Despite all appearances, God is still on his throne and the lamb who was slain has redeemed his people.  Therefore, we must never compromise but rather remain faithful, even unto death.

I think that’s a pretty timeless message, and I had the privilege of teaching and discussing these themes with 20 motivated students during my recent online class on the Book of Revelation.


Two Programs – A Variety of Students

The Book of Revelation course was also the first time I had students from two different degree programs, one undergraduates in Theology and another post-undergraduates in our Ethics and Christian Thought program, a one-year specialization mostly for working professionals.’

I also had the privilege of teaching some of our residential students who chose Revelation as one of their electives even though they live on campus.

Here is a list of some of my students and their future plans / current careers to give you a sense:

  • Victoria G. – Professor of Biology at the University of Antioquía who wants to better serve her students
  • Guzman P. – Theology student in undergraduate studying for the pastorate
  • Marcela Coutin – Of French / Colombian descent, psychologist and business consultant
  • Cesar H. – Doctor who runs a counseling center in his church

No Peace…

In my last newsletter I mentioned that the Colombian government had reached an historic peace agreement with the FARC paramilitary groups.

Both the government and the military groups had been fighting for decades creating a culture of violence and displacement that had touched all of Colombia.

Well this month, Colombian citizens voted on that referendum and rejected it by less than 1% margin.

This was a shocking outcome if only for the fact that Colombia had been reeling with this issue for 40 years now.

This looked like the breakthrough everyone was waiting for.

Add to that a campaign of misinformation and voter apathy (less than 40% voted) and you have a sense for how difficult this has been for many people.

There are 70 year olds who wept when the agreement was signed, and who wept when it was rejected by vote.

For them, they have never seen a Colombia without violence.

Please pray for renewed talks and for the cease fire to continue until both sides reach another agreement.

Prayer Requests

  • For the approval of the partnership program with Park Street Church, which will replace some much needed funding.
  • For upcoming courses: The Book of Philippians and World Mission of the Church in January 17.