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MEDELLIN, Colombia — This labyrinthine metropolis transformed over the course of a decade from a battlefield of drug lords, paramilitaries and leftist guerrillas into one of the safest, most dynamic cities in Latin America. Visionary inner-city renewal projects and a push to take back the lawless hillside slums by force deserve credit…  The Washington Post  7/11/08

MEDELLIN, Colombia — Once the shadowy and violent domain of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, Medellin has undergone a renaissance over the last decade due to enlightened civic policy and public works, offering government officials proof that urban decline can be reversed.  Once one of the world’s deadliest cities, Medellin’s homicide rate has dropped by more than 90% since the mid-1990s. Former rebels and paramilitary fighters are being re-integrated into Colombia’s second-largest city in an innovative program adopted by the nation’s demobilization director.  LA Times 3/26/09