Lorenzo, Leonardo, Leo, Luther, Henry, Elizabeth, Walter, Pocohontas, Galileo, Squanto, …

Addressing someone by their first name usually indicates a degree of familiarity, a relationship that has gone beyond initial pleasantries.  Although these names refer to personalities long gone by many centuries, the kids and I somehow feel as if we know each of them, personally.

After reading books upon books, watching movies, mapping journeys, placing names and summaries on a timeline, discussing the political, religious, and geographic motives behind a myriad of decisions, we have a much better understanding of the Renaissance and Reformation time periods.  This knowledge in turn has helped us better grasp what the Puritans were facing as they were forced to immigrant first to Holland and then later to the New World.

Since September, we have had the privilege of traveling through time, from the Middle Ages through the early 1600’s.  We look forward to the coming weeks as we continue to learn how God has been intimately involved in all of history but especially in the founding of our nation.

Our prayer and hope is that the study of times past will help shape our understanding of the world around us, making us accepting of and sensitive towards different cultures and peoples.  By understand all of our histories better, we can fully engage in the present and positively impact the future as we allow God, the Lord of all history, to be our guide.


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