Leadership Seminar

What do you get when you cross a family weekend getaway in the country with a little bit of work to boot? Well you get a couple of dog bites and a leadership training seminar.

Recently, I had the privilege of being the guest speaker for a leadership retreat hosted by Global Transformation Ministries. GTM is a non-profit organization here in Medellín that is planting a church in the southeast section of the city. GTM invited all of their key leaders involved in forming the church to spend a weekend together for worship, praying, planning, relationship building and leadership training.

I spoke on four separate occasions about one of my favorite subjects, leadership. I basically had to condense my undergraduate level course down to a six hour workshop so I only covered the most important points: the primary importance of character, the three biggest moral challenges a leader must confront, leadership models based on the servant and the shepherd of antiquity, the absolute necessity of treating people like gold and lastly, conflict resolution.

The countryside was beautiful, 6 families were represented in the seminar, including mine. All of us were able to stay in one large country villa sharing meals and stories and I was able to invest in a new church plant’s leadership team. Except for the dog bites, the weekend was almost perfect!


Leadership seminary 2

Gustavo teaching at a leadership seminar.

Farallones 1

San Bernardo de Los Farrallones

Farallones 2

I think I’ll take my horse to get ice cream.

Leadership seminar 1

A new church plant benefitted greatly from thinking about different church leadership models.


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