Half a century? No, it can’t be!

Yes, in a few short days, I, Linda Rochelle Ellithorp Karakey, will be marking 50 years since being born in small town Canyon, Texas.  Approx. 27 cities later, and 40+ different living situations, I am finally settled in a place to stay — or at least we all hope!  Thank the Lord!

I was immensely blessed by the desire of so many friends to visit me last week to celebrate my half century birthday and specifically to those six friends who were able to adjust their schedules and actually make it — most on the same flight!

We toured the Biblical Seminary of Colombia where Gustavo and I (and the kids!) live and work, explored downtown  Medellín, people-watched in ritzy Poblado, zip-lined in Parque Arví, climbed 650+ steps at El Peñol near Guatapé, went for a boat ride in Guatape, swam in a delightful pool at a modern hotel near the airport, tried some odd fruits and different foods, and maybe even more important, caught up on each others’ lives.  What a blessing!

Who’s turning fifty next????


50th Birthday Celebration Colombia

4 thoughts on “Half a century? No, it can’t be!

  1. Happy Birthday, Rochelle! What a blessing to have your girlfriends there to celebrate with you! I love looking at your website and keeping up with your family and ministry. It seems like yesterday that we were together in Paraguay and seeking God’s wisdom for our futures! Sounds like you are right where God wants you and loving it! YOur kids are so grown up and gorgeous! Thanks allowing us to be a part of your lives. Love you and miss you!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!! You don’t look 50, cutie pie. May God bless you as you begin homeschooling this year and make the next 50 years glory filled. We’re off to family camp tomorrow, Lord willing, and I still have fond memories of our chats on the beach there. Love, Chris

  3. Rochelle, I think you made a mistake. You can’t be 50. I’m only 3 years younger than you, and if you are 50 today, then that means I’ll be 47 in 2 weeks. But I’m only going to be…



    Happy Birthday!

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