Cedulas or National ID cards

 Cedula Extranjera

Within two weeks of arrival, you will need to apply for a national ID card for all adults and children ages 7 and older (Cedula Extranjera).

To apply, go to Centro Facilitador de Servicios Migratorios: MEDELLÍN
Dirección: Calle 19 # 80A-40 Barrio Belén La Nubia
Teléfono fijo: [57-4] 345-5500
Horario: 8:00 a.m. a 4:00 p.m. – JORNADA CONTINUA

The link above will provide you with all of the information you need to take with you.

As of January 1, 2014, it is requirement to obtain a cedula for your minor children between the ages of 7 and 18 if you as the parent hold a visa in excess of 3 months.

Detailed information can be found here.

Please Note:

1)  Along with the copies of the documents listed in the link above, what isn’t listed (or I couldn’t see) is the requirement to have per child a typed and signed permission letter from one of the parents giving permission for the digital fingerprints to be taken.  Below is a sample letter that I wrote that was accepted.

2)  All fees can be paid on location with a debit or credit card, national or international.  No need to make a deposit at the bank indicated.  Current 2014 fee is $156.300 COP.

3)  Once you enter and present your forms to the receptionist, she/he will give your adult packet and if applicable, per child packet back with an assigned number per packet.  Keep that packet and number visible at all times.  A person will periodically come into the waiting area looking for the packets with numbers in order to process.  Make sure he/she doesn’t overlook you.

4)  You can fill out the application online and print at home prior to your visit in order to save time.  The application,  el Formato Único de Trámites, can be accessed from the main top line menu via Servicios del Cuidadano / Descarga Formatos

5)  A 3cm by 4cm photo is required along with the photocopies mentioned in the detailed information link above including a certificate of blood type showing RH.

6)  A digital photo will be taken for the cedula and digital fingerprints will also be taken.

7) Once the photos and fingerprints have been taken, a representative will process the file(s), entering the information into the system.  Each passport will receive a stamp showing that the applicant has been registered and a cedula number will be assigned.  After you make payment, the passport will be returned along with instructions to make an inquiry after 20 days to determine if the cedula is ready for pick-up.

8)  Plan on the whole process taking between 60 and 90 minutes depending the time day, the number of representatives working, the number of files being processed, and the number of people ahead of you.  It seemed like some of the reps were on lunch break between 1pm and 3pm making the wait longer.



Sample permission letter (please excuse any grammar mistakes!):

Linda Rochelle Karakey, quien se identifica con Pasaporte No. xxxxxxxxx de Estados Unidos de America, le da permiso a la oficina de Migracion de Colombia a tomar las huellas digitales y guardarlas en el archivo para mi hija menor de edad llamada de la siguiente manera:

NATALIE ROSE KARAKEY identificada con Pasaporte No. xxxxxxxxx de Estados Unidos de America


Linda Rochelle Karakey



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