Celebrating a year of missions in Colombia


A little over a six weeks ago, we celebrated our one year anniversary of serving at the Biblical Seminary of Colombia (BSC). Our time here has been very special and every day brings a new sense of how privileged we are to minister in such a setting.

As we reflect back on the year, we wanted to share some of what makes the BSC such a special place of ministry:

 #1 – Theological Education +  

All seminaries dream of extending their teaching beyond the classroom. At the BSC, it is part of our educational identity.

Our campus is geographically small, intimate and relationally driven. A majority of our students, staff and professors live on the grounds. The result is a rich and rewarding mix of life, ministry, academics and practical theology.

# 2 – For Such a Time As This…

The BSC has built a reputation as one of the premier theological institutions in Latin America.  In a short time, all of their curriculum will be available online for the Spanish speaking world thereby extending its reach far beyond Colombia.

At a time when leadership development in Latin America is so critically needed, the BSC continues to seed the church with mature graduates. It is a great blessing to play an important role in such a strategic endeavor.

#3 – Rich Community 

Prior to our arrival in Colombia, we often wondered what it would be like to live, work and play within a small geographical region.  Well there is no more need to wonder.  It is pure magic!

The community here on campus is so precious, generous, caring and embracing.  I daresay it feels a lot like the description in Acts 2 and the Jerusalem church.  The daily interactions with people at work, at home, on the campus, at informal and formal events, is one of the highlights of being a part of the BSC.

#4 – We are a family

Raising a family on the mission field is an extraordinary blessing especially within a seminary context.

Our kids are vital parts and contributors to the community here.  And it is wonderful to see them absorbing the language and culture.

Being here has also given our family a strong sense of purpose, shared vision, adventure and growth in the Lord.  Indeed, our children are now old enough to begin appropriating and reflecting on these elements for their own lives.

Finally, we love spending time together as a family, and we are grateful that our work arrangement makes that possible.  We try to make sightseeing trips, movie nights and game nights a regular staple of our family life.  (The only negative part is that it’s not fun getting beat by a 10 year old!)

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